Running can be a great way to stay fit and healthy, but it’s not always easy to get started. Whether you’re just starting out or have been running for years, this article will provide you with 10 essential tips that every runner should know about. Learn how to properly stretch, the importance of having good …

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Muscle Building Myths

The 10 Muscle Building Myths You Need to Know

There’s a lot of junk and pseudo-science floating around the Web around building muscle mass. This is propagated by the fact that anyone can churn out an article — it comes across as being factual but the piece is mishandling the information. It’s what we call “bro-science“. With it comes many muscle building myths that …

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Kettlebell Exercises To Optimize Strength

5 Best Kettlebell Exercises To Optimize Strength

If you’ve noticed, most of my articles involve kettlebell training and I’ve even tried to write a decent guide that promotes my favorite way to build strength and burn body fat. I’ve been training with kettlebells for more than four years and I’ve got nothing bad to say about them. I mean, I sometimes injure …

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Master Battle Ropes Workout

How to Master Battle Ropes Workout

If you want to take your workout to the next level, you’ve got to incorporate some battle ropes. Battle ropes have been a part of the workout scene for a while, but they have started gaining more popularity. This is because fitness trainers have introduced different types, and more celebrities are posting videos of their …

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Exercise For Reverse Aging

Exercise and Aging: How Does Exercise Reverse Aging?

There is no secret that working out helps to keep you younger. It keeps your energy levels high and improves your physical ability to keep things going. Research has proved that exercise has a powerful impact on physical and mental well-being and slows down aging. Here’s how exercising can help you avoid aging- It makes …

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Improve Grip Strength

How to Improve Grip Strength with (No-)Equipment Exercises?

As an athlete and a human being, I spend a lot of time paying attention to grip strength. The term refers to the ability of our hands to grab and hold onto objects. It matters because grip strength plays a role in a variety of athletic pursuits, from tennis to ultimate Frisbee to weightlifting. It’s …

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why use protein powder

Why Use Protein Powder When Working Out for Muscle Growth

Protein powders have taken the world by storm and you can clearly hear the clinking of shaker bottles whenever you pass through a gym. It seems like everyone has climbed on the protein bandwagon these days. However, the question is whether people are aware of the use and reason why they are upping their protein …

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Workout Essentials

Workout Essentials: What to Pack for the Gym

Having a great workout plan and a membership of a well-equipped gym is essential if you want to make good progress on your body. However, it is well-known that there can be no progress without proper exercise. And there can be no good exercising without confidence. How do you boost your confidence? Well, by knowing …

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