The Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat For Women

Every woman wants to get in great shape and desires to have a flat belly. To make your job easier, we have included the best exercises to lose belly fat for women. For some ladies, accomplishing a slim waist is no simple feat.

Both women’s and men’s muscles are not inherently different from each other, yet the women have a tendency to be more extensive through the pelvis and have the more extended midsection of the body.

This makes it difficult for women to lose belly fat. However, there are some amazing exercises for women to get rid of belly fat that help them lose belly fat efficiently.

Be that as it may, it’s not impossible for women to lose belly fat quickly. However, you may need to focus on accomplishing more than the standard sit-up workout. In this case, you need to work hard following the low impact exercises to lose belly fat for women given below. Moreover, it is also important to know the causes of belly fat so you can avoid doing these habits.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat For Women

These are the exercises for women at home, which means you don’t need to join a gym for this purpose. You can get rid of belly fat by implementing these methods at home. Here we go with the best exercises to lose belly fat for women:


One of the most straightforward and successful workout to lose belly fat for women is Plank exercise. How to do it:

  1. You need to start it with the push-up position, twist your elbows and drop yourself down until you can move the weight from the hands to lower arms.
  2. Meanwhile, your body ought to shape the straight line.
  3. When you drop down, keep this position for few seconds and get back to the starting point where you bend your elbows in the push-up position.

Bicycle crunch

It is also a simple exercise to lose belly fat. As the name proposes it is a crunch that includes a cyclic movement of legs that presses your center and hence helps you to lose your belly fat. It is a great toning workout. How to do it:

  1. You need to lie on the ground on your back.
  2. Then keep the arms close by.
  3. At that point lift up the legs and curve your left leg to such an extent that your knee is coordinated toward the chest and lift up the right shoulder toward your knee.
  4. Amid doing this, your right leg ought to be straight in the air. After doing this process, you need to repeat this but with the right leg.
  5. Do these steps at least five times.

Side Plank

Like the simple plank workout discussed above, the side planks also help to get rid of belly fat, and it is one of the most important exercises to lose belly fat for women. How to do it:

  1. You need to lie on the right side on the floor and with the legs straight.
  2. Then, prop yourself with the right lower arm so that your body frames the diagonal line.
  3. Hold for 30 seconds when you are in this position.
  4. Also, make sure that your knees and hips stay away from the floor surface.

Squat jump

This exercise is more than a single squat, in doing this workout you first need to get into the squat form and then jump as high as you can. Its great work on the belly makes it best out of exercise to lose belly fat for women. The primary focus of this activity is on the stomach, but it also targets the leg and back muscles. Squat jump is great for overall fitness. How to do it:

  1. You need to stand with the legs wide separated and the toes pointed in the outward direction.
  2. Bend up your knees.
  3. Then jump and land as a profound squat with the arms close to your hips.
  4. Repeat this process three times.

Plank Crawl Out

In addition to its work on your belly, this exercise also amazingly works on your legs and arms as your legs and arms are significantly used in this process and hence it adds resistance and intensity. How to do it:

  1. First of all, you need to stand up with the feet together.
  2. Bend at your hips and attempt to touch the ground surface.
  3. When your fingertips hit the ground surface, walk the hands out until you achieve the push-up position.
  4. After this process, crawl the way back up towards the beginning position by crawling your hands in reverse and picking your hips up to the ceiling.
  5. At the point when feet are level on the ground surface, twist at the hips again and lift yourself to move down to the standing position.
  6. Repeat this process three times.

Plank with arm lift

Plank with arm lift is another one of the best exercises to lose belly fat for women. It greatly helps to reduce belly fat. Its process is just similar to the single plank that is illustrated above, but it includes the addition of the arm lift process. How to do it:

  1. Maintain your plank position i-e keep your forearms and toes on the ground surface while your body lifted up. The body ought to shape a straight line.
  2. Precisely move your weight to the right arm. Expand your left arm in your front. After you get in this position, keep this position for 5 seconds at least.
  3. Gradually acquire your arm back and repeat this process with your right arm in front of you.
  4. After doing all of this process, you are done with the first rep.
  5. You should do five reps minimum.
  6. There are various other exercises to lose belly fat for women. Continue reading the article to learn about them.

Dumbbell swing

Dumbbell swing is another exercise to lose belly fat for women, and it can also be implemented at home. It fundamentally focuses on the stomach and your shoulder. How to do it:

  1. To do this exercise, it is important to carry dumbbells.
  2. Bend the lower back in the forward directing while holding the dumbbells in the hands.
  3. Now, position up the body and climb back the dumbbells between the legs.
  4. After that, by crushing glutes push your hips and swing the dumbbells concerning the shoulder’s stature.
  5. Turn around the position and repeat this process again.

Hip-Thigh raise

In the high thigh raise exercise, as the name suggests you lie on the back on the ground with your hips in the air and one of your knees remains on the ground while another one in the air. Here is how to do this exercise to lose belly fat for women. How to do it:

  1. First of all, you need to lie on the back with the left knee bowed, and your right leg extended.
  2. In this process, rest the arms on the ground, palms up, at the shoulder level with the hips around two inches above the ground surface.
  3. Now, raise the hips to shape a straight line from the shoulders to your right side foot.
  4. Repeat this process with the right leg bowed and left leg extended and you are done with the first rep.
  5. Do these steps for five times at least.
  6. These are the best exercises to lose belly fat for women.

Final Words

There are many other exercises to lose belly fat for women, but we have included the best out of them. Don’t go for each of these workouts; it is recommended to get started with one or two of these exercises.

It is not hard to lose belly fat at all. You simply need to give your precious time of your day to day routine to these exercises. In the meantime, while you are rehearsing these exercises, the precautions ought to remember.

On the off chance that you experience reactions to certain conditions, for example, neck pain or lower back pain, you should quickly contact your doctor to prevent any serious problems.

Moreover, these exercises to lose belly fat for women are useful but also a healthy diet plays an essential role in your lifestyle, and it maintains your overall health. Would you like to know the simple workouts for pregnant women? Here you go with the must-do simple workouts for pregnant women. Let us know if there are some other workouts you want us to include in the article; we would love to hear from you.

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