Introducing ExoGun DreamPro – The Best Massage Gun 2022

Massage guns are the new go-to solution for anyone who can’t visit a massage studio. These gadgets are compact, versatile, and for the most part, extremely pleasant to use. However, not all devices are created equal.

This article introduces one of the best massage guns for 2022 – ExoGun DreamPro. Learn why this tool has taken the fitness community by storm. Let’s dive right in.

What is ExoGun DreamPro?

ExoGun DreamPro is shaped like a machine gun with a stable grip and head attachments to treat deep body tissue. Much like any other percussive therapy massage gun, it works by delivering fast, concentrated strokes onto the affected area.

The gun does 90% of the work, while the user moves the device from one area to another and adjusts the speed and attachments. Due to a large amount of pressure applied to the body tissue, the treatments usually last from 30 to 60 seconds per area. If you use the gun for longer, it can result in bruising.

Percussive massage guns like ExoGun DreamPro have plenty of medical applications as well. They’re used in physical therapy for thickening connective tissue, adhesion breaks down, post-surgery recovery treatments, and muscle fiber elongation.

ExoGun DreamPro and Fitness Recovery

If you practice sports, are a runner, or fitness enthusiast, you’ve most likely experienced muscle soreness and stiffness. ExoGun is designed for athletes to treat soft tissue, boost circulation, improve range of movement, and speed up muscle recovery.

Over 1,000 NFL athletes and Olympians have used this device for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and post-training relaxation.

But why does this device receive so much praise from the fitness community? Let’s start with the basic features.

Highly Adjustable Speed

ExoGun DreamPro comes with six speeds ranging from 1,200 to 3,200 percussions per minute. The wide range of speeds makes the gadget equally suitable for fitness amateurs and professionals.

The stall force of the device is 60 pounds, but you won’t have to use that much unless you’re an expert athlete. The low to medium speed works best for casual muscle soreness, tight muscles, and neck pain relief.

Different Massage Modes

This muscle massage gun has four adjustable heads to suit different body areas. Whether you want to relax your neck, forearms, lower back, upper back, quads, glutes, or feet, you can choose a proper attachment for that area.

● The bullet head is great for large muscle groups and for relieving muscle pain.
● The ball head is ideal for treating sore muscles and for whole body pain relief.
● If you want to treat your shoulder blades or other non-fleshy body parts, use the flat head.
● For back muscle pain relief, you can use the fork head.

Ease of Use

This deep tissue massage gun can be used by anyone and anywhere. Whether you have years of experience with percussion massage guns or it’s your first time using one, you’ll know what to do. The package also comes with usage instructions. All you have to do to get started is attach the right adjustment head and set up the speed.

Ergonomic Design

This mini massage gun has an ergonomic design that makes it a breeze to operate. The anti-slip material used for the grip ensures the device never falls from your hands while dispersing as much power as needed.


This top massage gun doesn’t run with cords, which makes it extremely portable and ready for use in the living room, on vacation, or right after finishing a race. The battery can last for weeks, given the 2,400mAh strength and the fact that most sessions only last a couple of minutes. Charge the device overnight and fit it into your backpack or travel bag without worrying about running out of power while you’re away.

Percussive Therapy Done Right

ExoGun DreamPro is an excellent gadget that helps thousands of users stay fit and healthy. If you’re dealing with tight muscles, limited range of movement, or poor circulation, this handy gadget can assist. Best of all, it’s often available at discount prices which makes it one of the most cost-effective products of its kind.