Is It Safe Having Sex During Periods?

Many people wonder if they could have sex during, before, or right after the period. It is safe? Or Are there chances of getting pregnant while on your period? Etc.

Various factors are taken into account when you consider having sex during menstruation. Sex is a normal part of our lives and should be enjoyed.

Is it Safe Having Sex During Periods?

There is a risk of getting an infection after performing oral, anal, or vaginal sex. This risk increases by any kind of skin-to-skin genital contact during menstruation.

You should practice safe sex, as during menstruation also you could still get STDs. Some of the professionals say that there is a chance that the virus could be present in your menstrual blood.

Evidence suggests that there are two types of infections that can occur because of sexual activity. Sexually Transmitted Infections and many problems can happen due to normal vaginal flora like yeast infections.

The yeast infection can occur without taking part in sexual activity, but the chances of this infection increase when you perform sex during periods.

Benefits of having Sex during Menstruation

You shouldn’t avoid sex unless you feel squeamish. Sex during menstruation can be messy, but it can offer few advantages to women are:-

Cramps Relief: Orgasm during menstruation helps with the cramps. Cramps happen because the lining of the uterus releases. But when you experience orgasm, the muscles of your uterus contract and then release. That helps with the pain during periods.

Shorter Periods: Performing sexual activity during periods can decrease the time of your menstruation. Because of muscle contraction during orgasm, the lining is pushed out of your system faster which results in a shorter menstrual cycle.

Other Benefits: It can provide relief from stress, less painful periods, headache relief, and leads to an improved immune system, sleep, and fitness.

Could you get pregnant while on period?

Do people think performing sex is good or bad? And then they think can a girl get pregnant during a period?

Well yes, a girl can get pregnant during the period. But the chances of getting pregnant during the period are low. Females are most likely to get pregnant in the middle of their menstrual cycle; this period is known as the fertile window.

It is the time when the ovary releases eggs (due to a process called ovulation). Then the egg travels down through the fallopian tube and reaches the uterus. Due to sex, the sperm can fertilize with the egg in this phase.

The egg only survives in the uterus for 12-24 hours after the ovulation phase. If during that time, the sperm meets the egg it gets fertilized and a woman will experience pregnancy during periods. The chances of pregnancy during periods, in this phase increases.

Sperm can live in your uterus for 5 days. And females with less than the normal length or menstrual cycle (24-38 days) have a higher chance of getting pregnant.

Sperm can only fertilize the egg in 24 hours. If the person knows about their ovulation period and counts the days after that she can avoid getting pregnant.

Things to consider before having sex during menstruation:

Here we will discuss some of the things which can help you enjoy the advantages of sex during your period:

  • Be honest with your partner. Don’t feel shy and tell them how you feel about having sex during your menstrual cycle.
  • If you feel discomfort, talk out the reasons behind it. Because sex should lead to pleasure, not irritation or frustration.
  • Spread a dark color towel on your bed which will help with your bloodstains during the period.
  • Mostly recommended sex during periods is shower sex.
  • Practice safe sex by using a condom.


Now you know the results of having sex during your period. Some of the women enjoy having sex, whereas some don’t. You should think before choosing this option and practice safe sex. Because females can get pregnant during periods. Don’t hesitate in telling your partner about your feelings, as sex is done for comfort, not for issues.