The 10 Muscle Building Myths You Need to Know

There’s a lot of junk and pseudo-science floating around the Web around building muscle mass.

This is propagated by the fact that anyone can churn out an article — it comes across as being factual but the piece is mishandling the information.

It’s what we call “bro-science“.

With it comes many muscle building myths that are shared across social media and in blog posts. These muscle building myths aren’t ones to take lightly because they could harm the body. It stops real progress.

Body-building is a multi-billion dollar industry. It makes sense that there will be some disinformation floating around due to marketing.

What we’d like to do in this article is to:

  • Dispel the common muscle building myths
  • Provide you with a better approach
  • Create a bit of skepticism when moving forward

Okay, let’s get this started…

The 10 Most Common Muscle Building Myths

Junk/Bro science gets around faster than real facts because people are looking for quick wins with their bodybuilding. It would be nice if results can be found so quickly like the suggestions.

Reality paints a different picture about these muscle building myths:

  • Bigger is Better – Heavier weights won’t produce the same returns as lifting those which are proportional and percentage-wise. It’s better to increase by incremental amounts so you’re able to do more of the exercise rather than blowing through your stamina in one go.
  • Forget the “Pump” – The “pump” is when blood is trapped inside the muscle tissue. Many believe the best effects happen when lifting during this period. It’s not true. Success comes from tracking your progress, lifting more, and handling heavier weights — not a feeling.
  • High Reps – Intensive, high-rep workouts look like they’re doing a good job but not much is going on with the muscle building. Sure, you can do 1,000 crunches but if they’re not done accurately then it’s a waste. Go for slow, good form routines to see optimal results.
  • “Tricking” the Muscles – Muscles don’t have a memory. Our body doesn’t care how exercise is done — it’s going to build muscle regardless depending on your routine. Stick to a regiment. It’s better to be comfortable practicing good form than flailing around like crazy.
  • Carbs (and Food in General) – Protein is essential for muscle building but it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to slam a 100 piece chicken nugget meal. It’s good to get protein but doubly so to lean. You can have your carbs. You can have your fats. It’s all about the calorie deficit to burn off fat plus the protein to help promote muscle growth.
  • Powders – Supplements are a great way to increase the body’s effectiveness for building muscle. It’s not a substitute for real food. You can drink as many protein shakes as you’d like but if you’re not putting muscles to use then it’s going to build into fat.
  • Flexibility – The idea of getting “swole” is great but there are doubts on whether you’d keep the flexibility. Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you won’t be able to tie your shoes. You’ll have a larger frame. You’ll keep the ability to run and do everyday activities even if you’re massive.
  • Strict Form – It would be nice to do a bodybuilding workout routine where you follow the diagrams as shown. Yet, our bodies don’t work like that. It’s okay if you’re not 100% perfect. You could injure yourself going against the way your body moves! Try to get as close as you can but don’t place unnecessary stress by sticking to a strict form you can’t handle.
  • Cutting the Downtime – You have an arm day, leg day, etc. Your body needs to rest as a whole. Jumping to one section doesn’t mean you’re not using those parts. It’s better to build every other day than to push your body beyond its limits and hurt itself.
  • Feeling the Burn – When you’re getting sweaty and your body feels like it’s on fire — it’s lactic acid going to the muscles. That burn may feel a sense of accomplishment but it’s not doing you much good. It’s better to go for lower reps, many times, than blowing through your stamina or potentially injuring yourself trying to go 10 and beyond.

Once these have been eliminated from your routine — it’s time for …

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The Better Approach to Bodybuilding

There is a lot of hoopla when it comes to the discussion about steroid use. This is because it skirts the legal line depending on your country of origin.

Yet, when there are regulation and safety precautions these steroids can be a major benefactor for bodybuilding. Taken with caution — they can provide incredible gains.

There are pros and cons of course but steroids have propagated myths paired with muscle building. No, you won’t go into a “roid rage” or see shrinkage to your manhood if you’re taking them effectively.

Bodybuilding takes a great deal of commitment.

You are going to be making investments into equipment and supplements. Steroid use may become a talking point.

Know what to expect prior:

  • Side effects are overhyped
  • You do not need a prescription
  • Do your research when purchasing online

Once you’re ready — cycle steroid usage with bodybuilding routines you’re accustomed to seeing the greatest gains. Keep with your form, watch your diet, and provide your body with ample amounts of protein.

This brings us to…

The Smart Way of Thinking

You need to be skeptical about the claims and reviews. It can be tough since they come across as sincere but a lot of times they are done by those that are being paid to place positive comments.

The only way you’ll know for sure is to test the suggestions.

We hope that you’ll avoid the common muscle building myths out of the gate now that you know what they are. You may still go with them, and that’s okay, but track the results — this is how you’ll know.

Come take a look at our blog to keep up-to-date with suggestions and information that will help you reach a new level in bodybuilding.

Feel the burn… but do it the smart way.