Top Five Outdoor Fitness Training Exercises

Are you interested in getting into better shape? sometimes it can take just a little motivation to get up off the couch and get moving, even if it is just simply for a brisk walk around the block.

An exercise program can be difficult if you’re tired and have been working all day, but if you set aside even just a little of time per day, exercise will help invigorate you and give you more energy, and you will thank yourself for taking a little of time to exercise because it will improve your cardiovascular system and help you to feel better.

Today I will be talking about outdoor fitness training exercises and the top five that will get you into better shape in no time. There are some simple things you can do like going out for a brisk walk, jogging, or bicycling are all great methods that you can follow to get you into better shape.

Going for a brisk walk

brisk walk

Going for a brisk walk is a great way to engage in physical activity that you can do basically anytime of the year. It’s a great way to get away from the monotony of the daily grind and get into shape with your spouse or friends.

Walking is a great way to improve your cardiovascular system, and the advantage of walking is it has a low impact on your joints as compared to running, so this can be very beneficial especially for those who may have joint problems.


Going for a jog is more of a strenuous activity than your typical brisk walk and not everybody will be able to engage in jogging, before you start with any high activity exercise program, you should always consult with your doctor first.

If you are interested in taking up jogging or if you have been jogging for a while already but want to do something with a little less impact on your joints, a good idea is to jog in an area where you are not on concrete or blacktop.

Eliminating the hard impact areas such as concrete can alleviate pressure on the joints creating for a more healthful exercise program.

Not everyone may have access to jogging on the beach or on a dirt trail, but if you are in a location where you only have access to jogging on concrete, a possibility is you could use a treadmill, this will help to alleviate joint pressure and you can enjoy jogging all year around if you live in seasonal areas where there is snow or ice on the ground.

Riding bike

Bicycle riding is another excellent idea that will help to improve your cardiovascular system and burn any additional calories off. If you are in a seasonal area where there may be ice or snow on the ground, you can always take advantage of using an indoor exercise bike which does a good job as well.


Swimming gives you a good all-around cardiovascular system workout and is an enjoyable way to increase your physical fitness and burn calories.

Swimming can not only be enjoyable but it can be a competitive sport, if you are not so much interested in the competitive side of it, swimming can be a great way for friends and family to get together and enjoy themselves for a day out.

HIIT training

HIIT training stands for “high-intensity interval training” which is a high-intensity workout program that you can engage in if you are serious about increasing your cardiovascular system and getting into excellent shape as well as burning calories at a high rate.

HIIT training is a training system where you can use anywhere between 5 to 10 exercises employed in one large set moving swiftly from one exercise to the next with no rest in between.

For a better understanding of HIIT training, you can check this post out where it goes more into detail as how to employ this training system and how it can work for you and your needs, just click on this link.


These exercises that I have given in this post are some of the top physical fitness activities that you can engage in with little if any equipment at all. This can make for great cost savings if you are low on money and can’t afford to join up with a gym membership.

There are many other great exercises and activities that you can engage in for training your heart and cardiovascular system, and if you have other exercises you enjoy that were not mentioned in this post, by all means, continue on with your training program and I wish you all the success.

Physical fitness training is a big part of increasing our health and well-being, but another big factor in your training is your enjoyment. If you enjoy what you do then you have won a big part of the battle.

Many people that are trying to motivate themselves to get into a training program, or have been in a training program for a while might have a tendency to slack off on their training or have a hard time sticking with it, but if you enjoy your training, this will definitely help in fulfilling your goals.

There are many people that would enjoy getting into a physical fitness training program, but one thing that might be holding them back is joint pain.