Quick and Easy Recipes for those with Digestive Problems

Most people do not realize this but the secret behind a healthy and energetic lifestyle is a healthy gut. Without any kind of digestive problems, people are not only more active and positive in their daily activities but also avoid many other health issues. The best way to keep your gut and your whole body happy is to create a diet plan and eat foods that suit the needs of your organism perfectly. Release of stress hormones, lack of energy, poor immune system, skin allergies, and weight gain are only some of the possible problems caused by irritated bowels.

Remove problematic food

If you feel that you suffer from gastrointestinal sensitivity, an elimination diet can be a great start in order to start fixing your gut flora. Basically, you start a project on yourself and eliminate the most possible foods from your diet list that can cause you problems, and observe the symptoms of your bowels and digestive tract during these few weeks. That way you can get a nice idea of what type of foods can cause the irritation and sensitivity of your stomach and start eating more foods that encourage digestion.

Test your intolerance

The two most usual problems when it comes to gut sensitivity involve gluten and dairy intolerance so these kinds of food are the first that should be removed from your elimination diet. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye and there are many symptoms of different levels that can help you determine whether these foods are really the main source of sensitive bowels, from abdominal pain, headaches, and fatigue to more severe issues such as osteoporosis and gut diseases. On the other hand, dairy intolerance involves the sensitivity to lactose in milk proteins and can cause problems such as allergies, digestive difficulties, rash, gas problems, bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps.

Food Suitable for low foodmap dite

Avoid high FODMAPs foods

Moreover, there are different kinds of molecules in the food we eat that are all referred to under the acronym FODMAPs. These molecules cannot be absorbed properly and even though the list of food containing them is freely available the problematic foods can be specific for different people. Therefore low FODMAPs diets are created according to individual needs to avoid any digestive problems and irritated gut.

Easy recipes

Luckily, there are many preplanned recipes online for diets that can soothe the sensitive gut and help digestion. For example, thekitchn offers many recipes and tips on leading a healthy life with a happy gut.

Almond and coconut pancakes for breakfast

Almond and coconut pancakes

Simply mix ground almonds, coconut flour, cinnamon, and baking powder thoroughly, and in a separate bowl whisk the eggs, coconut milk, vanilla seeds, and honey. Mix everything together to create pancake batter and make your healthy and delicious pancakes on coconut oil.

Lamb koftas for lunch

Lamb koftas for lunch

Mix the minced lamb, onion, chili, ginger, herbs, ground spices, garlic, and a large pinch of salt in a bowl and divide the mixture into several portions rolling each in a sausage shape. Thread each kofta onto a metal or bamboo skewer and cook them for three to four minutes on each side. You can add a coat of clarified butter if you want. Sprinkle the koftas with lemon juice and eat them with tomato or some other salad of your choice.

Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheese for both lunch and dinner

Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheese

You would need a bag of broccoli slaw, pancetta, salt, cumin, and paprika, 2 cups of cooked butternut squash flesh or raw butternut squash cubes, 1 cup of chicken broth or beef bone broth, and 1 cubed red onion. Simply cook the butternut squash in broth and add spices. Bake the broccoli slaw in olive oil and sauté red onion and pancetta in a pan. When everything is done mix everything together!

Repairing your digestive tract is not something impossible to do and it only requires some simple changes in eating habits and a bit of effort put into yourself!