The Best Chest Workout Routine For A Massive Chest

I’m doing my chest workout routine today. Seems people either love these days at the gym or absolutely hate them!

Either way, a big massive chest gets respect, it’s a great symbol of strength, and it’s a highly valued attribute all bodybuilders want to perfect. Below I’ll show a chest program I bet you’ll love (called the Critical Bench program), even if you presently hate those darn chest days.

The chest muscle (pectoral muscle) is made up of the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. It is a big flat, fan-shaped muscle that covers the entire upper rib cage. Many people find it easy to develop the lower and middle pectoral muscle tissues but have more issues in developing the upper chest.

However, chest muscles are one of the easier muscles to work with as long as the basics are done right. To develop chest muscles, both compound well as isolation chest workout routines ought to be performed. It is quite essential that the exercises are performed correctly in order to receive the optimum benefit from your chest workout.

Best Chest Workout Routine To Develop Dense Pecs…

Some of the powerful chest workout routines to develop a massive chest include bench press, dumbbell press, dips, dumbbell flyes, push-ups, cable crossovers, and pec dec flys. Let’s have a closer look at the different exercises you can perform in your routine, and how they specifically work your chest area:

Exercises Any Good Chest Workout Routine MUST Include

Chest Workout Roution

Flat/incline/decline bench press:

  • The bench press is a great chest exercise. It not only works on the entire pectoral region but also the deltoid and the triceps. It gives great compound movements that allow the person to handle the most weight through a given range of motion.
  • The flat bench press will work the upper and lower regions of the chest equally. The incline bench press puts stress on the upper region of the chest while the decline bench press targeting the lower chest regions.

Flat/inclined/declined dumbbell press:

  • Another highly effective chest workout routine is the dumbbell presses. The flat dumbbell press is performed on a flat-weight bench by lying on the back. This exercise routine is very similar to the traditional barbell bench press, except the individual holds dumbbells on both hands during implementation.
  • The inclined and declined dumbbell press is performed similarly to the flat dumbbell press except the weight bench positioned at various angles. The weight bench is declined by 45 degrees for a declined bench press and inclined at a 45 to 60-degree angle for an inclined dumbbell press.
  • The flat dumbbell press strengthens the entire pectoral muscles of the chest while the inclined dumbbell press strengthens the upper chest and declined dumbbell press strengthens the lower chest region.
  • Dumbbell presses are more advantageous than the bench press as it allows the individual to move through a more natural range of motion thereby helping to prevent any shoulder injuries. In addition, strength imbalances are prevented while using dumbbell presses which makes it a good chest workout for great chest stimulation.


  • This chest workout routine works the entire chest area but more emphasis is placed on the lower chest.
  • It also works the triceps and the deltoids and considered the king of triceps exercises.
  • Dips are considered an advanced exercise program as the individual has to lift his entire body weight.
  • Extra weights can be added to the exercise routine by hanging weights from the waist once the individual becomes stronger.

Dumbbell flyes:

  • This chest workout routine works the entire area of the chest but can also be targeted to specific areas of the chest depending on the angle of the bench.
  • A flat bench targets the entire chest area, an inclined bench targets the upper chest region, and a decline bench targets the lower chest area.
  • Dumbbell flyes give isolation movement for the chest and do not allow the individual to use excessive weight and limit muscle overload.

Peck dec flys:

  • This chest exercise isolates the pecs.
  • It stretches the connective tissues that surround the muscles and helps pump blood and nutrients to them.
  • This can be done as a finishing exercise in the chest workout routine.

Cable crossovers:

  • This is also a ‘chest pump’ exercise that can be performed at the end of the chest exercise routine.
  • Cable crossovers are an isolation exercise that isolates the pecs.


  • The most basic chest workout routine which is performed even in the simplest gym classes is the push-ups.
  • Push-ups help to tone the chest and also help to put the individual on the right track towards various chest workout routines.
  • Push-ups are good workouts to use either as a warm-up or a finishing exercise for the chest.

To get maximum results from chest training, you need a great chest workout routine. You can develop strong and dense chest muscles! You do it through proper execution of the various chest exercise routines, in an effective manner, by implementing the right technique while maintaining intensity.

Let’s look at a specific workout that might be the best program in the industry. Honestly, I think this is just what you’re looking for if you want to increase the look and strength of your pecs:

Critical Bench As A Chest Workout Routine

The program I talk about below is found here: Critical Bench!

If you’re looking for a great chest workout routine, then pay attention, because I’ll discuss further one of the workouts that everybody should have in their arsenal of chest routines. It’s a chest workout routine called Critical Bench. This workout system is so much more than any other chest routine out there.

It’s a complete training program. The bench press is a cornerstone of physical fitness and is often seen as being symbolic of overall strength. Critical Bench particularly focuses on the bench press as a way to improve strength, fitness, and appearance throughout the body.

So what is there to know about the chest workout routine, Critical Bench? Well, the chest workout routine was designed by Mike Westerdal, and it’s an all-around training program that aims to quickly increase the amount of weight you can bench press. It comes in the form of a book, and it can also be downloaded. The aim of this chest workout routine is to add 50 pounds to the amount you can bench press in just 12 weeks. This amount is unrelated to your starting maximum.

While the overall focus of Critical Bench is the bench press, it does not solely concentrate on this exercise. The plan also targets any weak link muscle groups. Along with physical fitness, it additionally looks at your mental approach. It gives advice on how to develop and maintain a positive mindset. It teaches how you can push yourself further to achieve better results.

How Does This Chest Workout Routine Really Work?

The bench press was chosen to be at the center of the routine because it is a benchmark it physical fitness. When you do these mass-building exercises and other intense physical activity your body releases hormones like testosterone which help you build muscle everywhere quickly.

In addition to this, when you are bench pressing, you are using a wide range of muscle groups – not just the pectorals. This means that though Critical Bench is primarily aimed at the chest; it can be used to train your entire body.

  1. Layout – The specific routine you follow will depend on your starting maximum. Working from this point Critical Bench gives you day by day instructions on what to do. Its basic layout of each week is five days of short intense training and then 2 days of rest.
  2. Emphasis – It aims to focus on physical strength rather than just appearance, so it not a typical bodybuilding routine. It incorporates many powerlifting moves into the plan. You only actually bench on one day and on the others you focus on any weak spots.
  3. Elements – There are several different elements to the training program along with information on the routines and exercises. It will teach you the value of not over-training and how to avoid it. It will show you why warm-ups and stretches are important and how you can do them safely. Other tips on training variation and common training mistakes are featured throughout.

The Different Components Of The Critical Bench Program

Critical Bench is made up of several crucial components:

  • The Critical Bench Program 2.0 – This 10-week workout manual is customized depending on your starting maximum bench press. It explains the theory behind the plan and gives you a detailed description of each move.
  • A training log – The log provides you with the exact breakdown of each day in a compact form that is practical to take with you to the gym. It will tell you what numbers you need to hit and when.
  • Bench press fundamentals DVD – The DVD contains tutorials from different experts. They look at the fundamentals of the bench press used by powerlifters and world record holders.

The Critical Bench Program Comes With Four Free Gifts!

The free gifts may change depending on when you take up the offer on this chest workout routine, but generally, they include:

  1. The Critical Dead load Routine – A routine that allows you to give your body a break without losing form. It is intended to be done after you finish the 10-week program.
  2. Critical Conversation With Elite Iron Warriors – This book contains interviews with famous strength athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders, and fighters. It is great if you are looking to pick up a few tips.
  3. Exercise Guide – This book contains extremely detailed information about each move. If you have an injury or lack a piece of equipment it can tell you alternative moves.
  4. The Creatine Report – A look at the positives and negatives of the muscle-building supplement creatine.

The Critical Bench chest workout routine has been around for over 10 years and it has maintained a lot of popularity. It is enjoyed by professionals and amateurs alike, but like any exercise, you need to put in hard work and dedication to get the results you want. If you want a better chest routine than you have right now, then click this link to learn more about Critical Bench, and decide to make a change today.