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Do you have a weight loss or fitness routine that you want to share with the world? Don’t hesitate! We love to post your story on Bodybuilding Supplement Zone and help people to live healthy lives.


Process: Writers should email a short summary of their article and a paragraph from it, including the title at admin(at)bodybuildingsupplementzone.com. After our editors review it, they will reply to you and you can complete the article and submit it to be published on the website.

Topic: The article must mention the topic it is to be published under. Please see the categories under which we are publishing articles right now. If you have something different but interesting, then let us know and we will see what we can do about it.

Title: The title of the article should be simple yet catchy.

Length: The length of the article doesn’t matter. It should be complete and logical.

Content: The article should meet the following guidelines:

  • The article must be strictly original and should not have been published anywhere else.
  • The language used should be grammatically correct and should not contain slang.
  • The content should not be vague and must be well structured.
  • It should not be hurtful or spiteful towards any community, religion, sex, or person.
  • All information should be factually correct. Sources of information should be attached where there is any statistical data.
  • Images: Images are not necessary. Relevant images will be attached by our team. Nonetheless, provide us any image you prefer and it will be considered. (The image should not breach any copyrights. If this happens the website will not be held responsible for that.)
  • Backlink: At the end of each accepted and published guest post we are happy to give a link to your blog or your website that you own. We don’t accept affiliate links.
  • Presently, we are not paying for guest posts and are not hiring. Any job openings in the future will be notified on this page.

To submit a quality post on our magazine, email Nancy Lyne at admin(at)bodybuildingsupplementzone.com

Free Health Guest Post Submission

Are you looking for free guest post submission? You can submit your guest post free of cost on BodybuildingSupplementZone.

You just need to follow these guidelines:

  1. 800+ unique health and fitness related niche content
  2. Content should be plagiarism free
  3. After your article is published, you have to create a backlink for this article in another guest post.
  4. You are also required to share on your social media network like Facebook or Twitter
  5. After completing 3 & 4 points you need to share those links with me to keep live your article.

Note: The most important thing is that you have to do this work within 3 days after your article is live.
If you do not follow these guidelines, we reserve the right to remove your post or your link from the article.